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BBC Group Management

BBC Group Board of Directors

The board of directors at BBC Group brings together many years of experience in business development, organisational management and leadership alongside representing the owner’s interests. The number of board members is purposefully kept small, giving all members the opportunity to participate appropriately.

Giorgio Behr is president and Pascal Behr represents the interests of the Behr family that control 91% of the group. Maria Oberholzer represents the Theodor & Bernhard Dreifuss Foundation of which she is president. Peter Dreifuss, who together with his wife was the majority shareholder of Cellpack AG, started the foundation with Trud Dreifuss in 1977. The purpose of this foundation is to financially support underprivileged and destitute people as well as supporting the advancement and further education of children and young people. Andreas Gisler was voted to the board of directors three years before his move into operational leadership, bringing an external perspective to the table.

To the Board of Directors

Prof. Dr. Giorgio Behr Owner of the BBC Group

Giorgio Behr is president of the board of directors of Behr Bircher Cellpack, the company that he built and managed as CEO until 2015. 

He is Professor Emeritus of Business Administration at the University of St. Gallen and president of the Chamber of Commerce in Schaffhausen. Giorgio Behr has been vice president and president of the board of directors of Saurer Group from 1995–2007, member of  the board of directors of Hilti AG from 1992–2015 (since 2008 AT at Hilti Trust) and chairman of the supervisory board of ZF AG from 2008–2017. Giorgio Behr is personally involved in and the president of various charitable organisations. 

Historical Timeline of the BBC Group 

Andreas Gisler CEO of BBC Group

The CEO, Andreas Gisler, (lic. oec. University of St. Gallen), took over operational leadership of Behr Bircher Cellpack BBC Group in January 2016. As a longstanding member of the board of directors, he is very familiar with the leadership team and the company’s diverse business activities. As an experienced and goal-focussed CEO, CFO and as a board member of various companies, he is driving the BBC Group forwards.

Andreas Gisler is involved with the Chamber of Commerce in Schaffhausen and has been a member of their board of directors and presidium for many years. Bicycle racing helps him to not only maintain his work-life balance but also gives him the opportunity to process his thoughts and develop ideas.

Supporting the CEO with strategic and / or cross departmental projects is a Corporate Team which consists of specialists from finance & controlling, technology & innovation, lean-management, information technology as well as human resources. 

To the Corporate Team

The CEOs of the BBC Group Business Units

The direct points of contact for the board of directors and the CEO are the CEOs of the seven business units, spanning energy and automation technology, plastics and the medical and packaging industries. 


The CEOs of the Business Units